Stumbling Towards Authenticity

Don’t think you’re on the right road just because it’s a well-beaten path.

Author Unknown

Not long ago, I had lunch with a friend who confirmed for me what I suspected; I had fallen headfirst off the path of authenticity.  We were discussing my blog, or rather; I was complaining to her that although I had always enjoyed writing, I was struggling to put words to paper.  “It’s because you’re trying to write as someone else,” she answered matter-of-factly.   Yes, she had read my blog, and yes, it offered good information but it was in her opinion, missing an all-important ingredient; me.  “When I read your blog I don’t see youyour personality.  I don’t recognize the person writing the blog.  For one thing, she’s far too polite and sane.  You’re playing it safe.”

She was right.  As a wellness coach and novice blogger, I was overly conscious in not wanting to offend or misinform anyone.  I chose my words carefully, focused on having my facts right and minded my “Ps” and “Qs.” Instead of following my natural instincts, I found myself trudging along the well-beaten path of conventionality.  What happened?  I lost sight of what makes me tick as an

The problem with playing it safe, whether it is to gain acceptance or conform to a perceived norm, is that we often end up quashing the very thoughts, instincts, and creative impulses that formulate our individuality and make us unique.  When we avoid taking occasional risks, whether it is in life, love, or work, we inevitably cheat ourselves of opportunities for profound personal growth.

I’m climbing my way back to the path of authenticity.  What about you?  Are you ready to push your own envelope and stand out from the crowd?

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